FOH-Sound Engineer for Core Leoni

CORE LEONI, the band of GOTTHARD Mastermind Leo Leoni featuring RAINBOW singer Ronnie Romero just finished a european tour to promote their new album "II".
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder substituted his unavailable old friend and mentor Ernst Seider on the "Travellin´ Men" tour in December as FOH-Soundengineer.

FOH Engineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE Nordic Tour

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went on a short tour through some nordic countries as FOH-Engineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE´s scandinavian leg of the "Helix" tour.


Together with engineer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder southern germany based melodic rockers ROXYGENE produced their new EP at the BACKYARD STUDIOS.
In a quite relaxed process including lots of breaks 4 new songs were recorded, edited, mixed and mastered over the course of the last summer.
The "" titled CD just got released and can be ordered via the bands´ website ( or get downloaded / streamed from various online platforms.
Check it out on Spotify :

FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for ARCH ENEMY in North America

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder toured the US and Canada as FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for ARCH ENEMY, supporting AMON AMARTH on their north american run.

FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE´s summer tour

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder continued his work with the swedish / danish band AMARANTHE, travelling all across Europe as their FOH-Soundenginner and Tourmanager on the Helix Summer Festival Tour 2019. Another 17 shows took place in 12 different countries over the summer.

FOH Soundengineer and Tourmanager for PRIMAL FEAR Summer Festivals

Last weekend's performance at the Baltic Open Air marked PRIMAL FEAR´s last appearance on this year's summer / outdoor festivals.
During the summer Sebastian "Basi" Roeder had travelled to several festivals all across Europe with the long term clients from Stuttgart / Germany as their FOH-soundengineer and tourmanager.

Neumentroll "Durch Zit und Welt"

2 years ago medieval music band NEUMENTROLL had their debut album mixed and mastered in the Backyard Studios.
Obviously quite pleased with the result the band now returned to Kempten in order to have Sebastian "Basi" Roeder also take care of vocal recordings, mixing and mastering for the follow up CD "Durch Zit und Welt".
The new album was just released via Neumentroll Records.

Sax Club Mix

Every one or two years one of our long-standing clients comes visit Kempten:
Filmmusic composer Dr. Rainer Fabich, who's collaboration with Sebastian "Basi" Roeder goes back to the late 90´s returned to the Backyard Studios again for his new instrumental album.
Already for the 10th time Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered a CD for the Weilheim-based artist.
The new CD is called "Sax Club Mix" and was just released on Fajora Music.

FOH Engineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE

Sebastian " Basi" Roeder toured as FOH-Engineer and Tourmanager with the swedish band AMARANTHE.
38 shows in 15 different countries all over Europe and Asia were done together so far.

FOH Soundengineer and Tourmanager for KREATOR-Tour

No time to rest also after the latin american tour:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went straight back onto european roads as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR.
"The European Apocalypse" - Tour included 15 dates in large venues in 10 different countries and had also DIMMU BORGIR, HATEBREED and BLOODBATH on the bill.