Neumentroll "Durch Zit und Welt"

2 years ago medieval music band NEUMENTROLL had their debut album mixed and mastered in the Backyard Studios.
Obviously quite pleased with the result the band now returned to Kempten in order to have Sebastian "Basi" Roeder also take care of vocal recordings, mixing and mastering for the follow up CD "Durch Zit und Welt".
The new album was just released via Neumentroll Records.

Sax Club Mix

Every one or two years one of our long-standing clients comes visit Kempten:
Filmmusic composer Dr. Rainer Fabich, who's collaboration with Sebastian "Basi" Roeder goes back to the late 90´s returned to the Backyard Studios again for his new instrumental album.
Already for the 10th time Sebastian "Basi" Roeder mixed and mastered a CD for the Weilheim-based artist.
The new CD is called "Sax Club Mix" and was just released on Fajora Music.

FOH Engineer and Tourmanager for AMARANTHE

Sebastian " Basi" Roeder toured as FOH-Engineer and Tourmanager with the swedish band AMARANTHE.
38 shows in 15 different countries all over Europe and Asia were done together so far.

FOH Soundengineer and Tourmanager for KREATOR-Tour

No time to rest also after the latin american tour:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went straight back onto european roads as tourmanager and FOH-soundengineer for KREATOR.
"The European Apocalypse" - Tour included 15 dates in large venues in 10 different countries and had also DIMMU BORGIR, HATEBREED and BLOODBATH on the bill.

FOH Soundengineer and Tourmanager for KREATOR in Latin America

No time to rest after the PRIMAL FEAR European tour:
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went straight to the next tour, this time as FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for KREATOR in Latin America.

Tourmanager and FOH-Soundengineer for PRIMAL FEAR and RIOT V

Sebastian "Basi" Roeder toured as FOH-soundengineer and tourmanager with long time friends and clients PRIMAL FEAR on their 20th anniversary "Apocalypse over Europe" Tour and also mixed FOH for their special guest - New York based metal dinosaurs RIOT V.
25 shows in 12 different countries were done in one month. (13.10.18 NL-Apeldoorn and 21.10.18 SI-Ljubljana didn't make it on the tourposter for mysterious reason...)

FRONTM3N - All for one Mastering

Stuff Music Records and Universal Music Group recently released the new FRONTM3N double album "All for one".
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder was responsible for the mastering of the live CD and also helped out as FOH engineer for one of the FRONTM3N shows at the Kurhaus in Augsburg / Göggingen.

Other recent studio projects included:

10 years after the first collaboration the recently revived local Hip-Hop heroes of BAZUKA returned to Sebastian "Basi" Roeder and the BACKYARD STUDIOS in order to record, mix and master a new song called "Lebenslang" to be used for an advertisement video clip of the fitness studio chain "Fit & Fun".

Voice recordings for several episodes of the "Erfolgsgeschichten" ("stories of success") - produced by Allgäu GmbH

Mix and mastering of a GOTTHARD unplugged show, which was used on D-MAX.

Film score mastering for an episode of AKTENZEICHEN XY UNGELÖST, which was composed by one of our most loyal clients RAINER FABICH.

Mix and mastering of 3 surprisingly pop oriented songs for a new side project of LUCA TURILLI (Rhapsody).

Festival Summer 2018 as FOH und Tourmanager

Even though the reports here in our news might not always be totally up to date - in order to stay at least chronological the numerous festival gigs have to be mentioned that made Sebastian "Basi" Roeder travel all over Europe once again as FOH-Soundengineer and Tourmanager for bands like FARMER BOYS, GOTTHARD, KREATOR, PRIMAL FEAR, SINNER and VICE.

Myrmidion Creed EP

MYRMIDION CREED just released their new EP "Nothing but my face", containing 4 songs of classic, 90´s inspired Hard & Heavy Rock.
Sebastian "Basi" Roeder recorded, mixed and mastered the CD at his BACKYARD STUDIOS.


Sebastian "Basi" Roeder went on tour as FOH-Engineer for PRETTY MAIDS and PINK CREAM 69.